What is camp?

For four days, children (grades 2-7) gather to immerse themselves in worship and the arts with their peers and an exceptional faculty of international and national renown. All of our instructors are trained musicians and/or music educators. The campers are split into small groups (12-15) by age and experience to travel through the day. Each group is accompanied by a Shepherd who stays with them for the week. Most of our shepherds are musicians and/or educators.

While the summer camp day focuses on children from grades 2-7, we offer an expanded program to include both our camp alumni and a learning experience for interested adults. Slated for August 12 through August 15, the 2019 camp experience will be split into two distinct modules:

1) 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. - Campers entering Grades 2-7 in the upcoming school year will participate in the same process our children have enjoyed since the summer of 2009, with hands-on experiences in choral singing, handbells, African drums, Orff instruments and liturgical art.

2) 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – We invite camp alumni entering Grades 8 and above to return to camp as assistants during the day followed by a worship and arts experience from 3 to 4 p.m. designed specifically for them.

Campers share the fruits of their daily experiences in a concluding presentation on Thursday evening of our camp week.


A typical day:

A typical day at hearts, hands and voices includes:

  • Morning and Afternoon Worship

  • Morning and Afternoon Choir Rehearsals

  • Break Out Sessions in Worship and the Arts:

    • leading worship

    • ringing handchimes and handbells

    • playing Orff intruments

    • drumming in the African tradition

    • creating liturgical art

  • Planned Recreation

  • Morning Snack

  • Lunch

The campers travel through their day within small groups accompanied by a "Shepherd" who has experience in teaching and/or music. The groups are split by relative age and experience.

Lunch and mid-morning snack are provided as part of your tuition.

Visitors are encouraged during Morning and Afternoon Worship to observe part of what these young people are experiencing during camp.