“I am awed by how you gave these kids a sense of sacred in the midst of having so much fun and learning!” ~  2017 camper mom

“My kids loved, loved, loved this and can’t wait to come back!” ~  2017 first-time campers

“We attend camps around Oakland County and this is the best….and hands down, the best food!” ~  Repeat campers

“Thank you for giving my kids a sense of worship, our boys are new to our family and had no experience with communal worship and song.” ~  2017 first-time campers

“Our daughter has grown so much in love and grace from the experience and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share our love of Christ together over all denominations.” ~ Mom of  a long-time camper

“Thank you for treating our daughter like all the other kids. She feels so welcome and safe here.” ~ Mom of a special needs child

“I can’t believe she sang so well, I could never get her to open her mouth,” ~ Elementary School Music Teacher

“This program is amazing, we can’t believe there is a church so willing to open this up to everyone.”~ Monday night musicians and repeat campers

“Please know we have LOVED the HHAV program and appreciate all you have given to our children, it has been an invaluable experience!” ~ Mom of  three campers, director of home school network

“The welcome we have experienced is overwhelming, it means so much that our daughter can participate.” ~ Mom of a special needs child, with HHAV for  five years